six months

Six months ago on September 26, 2019 the  miniSUPER Sticker Club  website officially opened for soft launch. It already feels like so long ago~

The idea for miniSUPER came after working on the MILKBBI shop for several years. I wanted to create something new.

In 2018 I released a new mini sticker sheet in the MILKBBI shop. It was a small & simple product, but felt so satisfying when I first saw them. They brought back an exciting & inspiring feeling.   


[The original MILKBBI mini sticker sheet]


After releasing a couple more sticker sheets I realized... I just really like stickers & I truly love designing them. 💡

So later that year when 💭brainstorming what to do next, I decided to create a new online shop that would focus on stickers. Even better, let's invite my friends & connections made over the years.


That marked the beginning of my new project, miniSUPER Sticker Club. 

[miniSUPER branding


[From concept to sketch to final. MiniSUPER teaser illustrated by Christy Frisby.]


[miniSUPER debut sticker collection featuring designs from nine artists around the globe.]


[Stickers by miniSUPER artist, Minipete.]  


⏳ Over one year later from when the miniSUPER concept was born, everything was finally ready & it was time to open the shop. 

UwU ~All the work paid off.

[miniSUPER customer photos via instagram]


We love to see ideas come to life & bring some minihappiness into the big world. 

Stickers may be the main ingredient of miniSUPER, but there are other parts too. I'm working with some extremely talented people & have some very exciting projects lined up for this year. As always, I'm looking forward to sharing with you.

Take care & see you later 


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